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Where can I buy Dr Wheatgrass products?

There are two options. You can purchase via our online shop and we will ship out your order or you can purchase at various retail outlets such as health food shops or clinics that we sell to in Hong Kong. 

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What is in Dr Wheatgrass SuperShots

Dr Wheatgrass Supershots contain a natural, specially formulated antioxidant-rich extract derived from fresh, young, vital wheatgrass sprouts. Supershots contain only natural ingredients and no artificial flavouring.

Who is Dr Wheatgrass

Dr Wheatgrass" doesn't actually exist as a person. It is our trademarked brand. However, to all of us, Dr Wheatgrass is Dr. Chris Reynolds, a general practitioner and the founder of our Company. Dr. Chris developed the wheatgrass extract that forms the main ingredient of our products. He has used the extract successfully in clinical trials and in thousands of patients since 1995/  He has re-discovered the therapeutic power of wheatgrass that first came to light in modern times in the 1930's. 

Dr Wheatgrass can help heal eczema, skin ulcers, burns, molluscum, wounds and many other conditions.

How is wheatgrass extract derived

The extract is derived from freshly cut, organically grown wheatgrass sprouts by a secret process, under strictly controlled conditions. This process ‘stabilizes’ the extract, which guarantees a long (at least two years) shelf life.

Who will benefit from taking Dr Wheatgrass SuperShots

That’s simple. Everyone! – and animals too. The benefits will derive from a stronger immune system which helps to ward off illness and disease and in time you can also expect increased energy and stamina, clearer mental focus, fewer colds and better weight control.

How is Dr Wheatgrass Extract made

Our extract is derived from freshly cut, young, vital wheatgrass sprouts. We then use a secret process that enables almost 100% retention of bioactives resulting in a stable extract that lasts for many years. The process takes about three months to complete under strictly controlled conditions.

Human Genome Project associated technology has been used to guarantee efficacy and stability. Note: For maximum benefit, it is important to take wheatgrass properly.