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Herpes Zester

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Herpes zoster virus or shingles is often a very painful, debilitating condition caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox that the patient was infected with usually in childhood. The virus settles in one of the nerve roots near the spinal cord and remains dormant until, later in life, it re-emerges, causeing a very different type of rash. See pics below. This rash erupts on the skin in the area supplied by the infected nerve causing blistering, inflammation, pus formation and quite often, severe pain which can persist for years or even indefinitely in some patients.

The rash is most commonly limited to one side of the body and only affects one nerve root in most cases. Although not a life-threatening condition, if the nerve near the eye is affected, herpes zoster can cause blindness.

Standard treatment is antiviral medication such as acyclovir which can disrupt the life cycle of the virus. However, it can also cause significant, and sometimes lethal, immune suppression often requiring hospital admission. By comparison, wheatgrass extract application to the affected area is safe (it can be used orally), easily applied and it usually works well.

Note: The two patients shown above were advised to apply wheatgrass extract three times a day, time and experience has shown that application on alternate days only is preferable and appears to be more effective.


I was suffering from excruciating pain for two days due to the shingles rash, so I went to see a Dr. He prescribed Acyclovir and some ointment along with aspirin to relieve the pain. The I used Dr Wheatgrass spray, and within two days the pain disappeared! Thank you so much Dr Chris, without your spray, my shingles would have not healed so quickly. I was able to walk properly and even travel on holiday within a few days all because of the application of this spray once in a day! 

V..J., 2017, Hong Kong

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